Career Opportunities

EMPLOYER: Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse
POSITION: Biomedical Engineering Analyst
DUTIES: Assist the life sciences investment firm’s Executives-in-Residence (EIRs) working with emerging biosciences companies and helping to navigate the difficult challenges faced in early stages of company development. In coordination with EIRs, provide support to and mentor approximately 3-5 biosciences firms at a time that specialize in the Biomedical field, specifically in the areas of Biotechnology Tools, Diagnostics/ screening, Healthcare IT, Medical Devices and Therapeutics, and perform due diligence to reduce the firm’s investment risks by reviewing the clients’ and their competitors’ patents and technology to help evaluate the company’s IP position and strategy utilizing knowledge in medical sciences and medical device development and performing market research within the biomedical/biotechnology industry to assess the competitive biosciences landscape, utilizing findings to assist EIRs in projecting the financial viability and commercialization of prospective investment bioscience companies and in the development of business plans. Utilize knowledge of biosciences principles to evaluate biological and health systems and products provided by the prospective investment bioscience company and make recommendations concerning product development and service innovations. Review clinical protocols and regulatory plans and report findings to EIRs. Make recommendations for project and process management. Assist EIRs in the set-up of company presentations to the firm’s Investment Committee, review company milestones and generate mid-year and end-year reports to track company progress. Track investment budgets, assist EIRs with forecast and preparation of management reports for internal staff and facilitate information flows with EIRs and other team members. Utilize company’s scientific knowledge database in order to provide biosciences market trends and portfolio valuations.
REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree or the foreign equivalent in Biology, Biomedical Engineering or a related health sciences discipline, and six (6) months of experience in a pre-seed or seed stage company in the life sciences field. Work experience or academic coursework must have included: (i) working on business development or commercialization strategy (regulatory and quality planning using regulations such as FDA, GLP, GMP, ISO standards); (ii) creating or implementing guidelines regulating company’s product or service; (iii) cloud platforms for creating and/or managing documentation control system (SOP, validation studies, user manual, inventory lists); (iv) business development project management tools GANTT, PERT or CPM and statistical model tools such as regression analysis, t-test, histogram; and (v) evaluating new technologies in the life sciences space and their market valuation using one of the following business information platforms: Pitchbook, VentureSource, or Crunchbase.
JOB SITE: 2425 Sidney Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Interested applicants may apply by sending a resume and cover letter via e-mail to Mary Vogel at: