Message from the President








Dear PLSG Partners,

PLSG continues to make new investments, form new companies and connect more companies to capital. We are focused on helping our portfolio companies move through their growth cycle and get their technologies to market.  Healthcare information technology (HIT) and therapeutics remain our fastest growing segments.  HIT companies have a less risky pathway to market and generally offer an earlier exit opportunity than other segments.  And therapeutics companies offer early strategic opportunities and very attractive exits.  Both segments remain attractive to investors, and both provide needed patient-centric healthcare solutions.

PLSG continues to address the funding gap that exists in moving technologies to market, and from “Concept to CommercializationTM” by way of our non-profit investment programs, and for-profit venture investments including our own venture capital fund, the Accelerator Fund, LLC.

With nearly $50M of assets under management, and growing, PLSG remains a significant force in the region. The Accelerator Fund, LLC continues to invest in later-stage opportunities and with over $12M in capital to invest, provides needed and meaningful investments to the best and brightest life sciences companies in the region.

With over $22M invested directly and indirectly into 80 companies, PLSG has leveraged our invested capital more than 70 to 1 with $1.5B in follow-on capital coming into our companies and exit returns to investors.  Our active PLSG portfolio companies have 134 products in the commercial market, 55 with regulatory clearances.  These products are treating patients directly and also helping the medical community make better patient treatment decisions.

PLSG is indeed the “pulse of life sciences” in the western Pennsylvania region. Western Pennsylvania is a vibrant source of healthcare technology, with hundreds of products in the commercial market and billions of dollars of follow-on invested capital and investor returns. And with more than 14,000 direct and indirect jobs created and affected, the total economic impact is significant.

Please stop by and see us soon at our life sciences “Center of Excellence” facility on the Southside for a personal update on our current and growing investment portfolio of life sciences companies.

Best personal regards,