PLSG Executive Program

Fortifying companies with world-class leadership.

The Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG) Executive Program offers emerging life sciences companies seasoned C-level executives who can direct business formation and growth through the commercialization and capital fundraising processes.

With limited time and start-up financing, an emerging company can find that recruiting seasoned executives can be a challenge. The PLSG Executive Program provides executive talent to help form companies, subject matter experts to guide them, leaders to run companies, and program managers and directors to help them to grow. Our program:

  • Eliminates the challenge, time and expense required to recruit executive talent.
  • Strengthens positioning for capital investments.
  • Connects the business to national and regional support networks.
  • Anticipates and targets future executive recruitment needs.

 Domain-specific experience

PLSG retains Venture Partners and an in-house team of Executives-in-Residence (EIR), Resident Entrepreneurs (RE), Executive Associates (EA) and Interim Executives (IE), who are experienced entrepreneurs, executives and senior managers. We can easily match their domain-specific expertise to the unique needs of a company.

Immediate strategic guidance

We recruit executives who offer proven success in starting and leading life sciences companies. They can become integral members of the management team with virtually no learning curve. This allows them to provide immediate strategic and tactical guidance during a company’s crucial formative stages. Our executives help to:

  • Develop a fundamental business strategy and practical, sustainable business plan.
  • Plan funding strategies and identify sources of capital.
  • Build connections with critical business partners, including corporate collaborators and angel and follow-on investors.
  • Establish company and technology development milestones.
  • Assist with technology transfer, licensing and initial contracts.
  • Develop infrastructure and operating strategies.
  • Connect to executives with expertise in targeted areas such as regulatory affairs, marketing and reimbursement planning.

Since the PLSG Executive-in-Residence program was launched in 2002, more than 400 companies have utilized our Executive Program.