PLSG Incubator

A center of excellence that supports innovation and growth.

Qualified seed and early-stage life science companies, including those relocating to western Pennsylvania, can find cost-effective space in the PLSG Incubator’s 21,500-square-foot life sciences campus.

Numerous campus conveniences free innovators from the tedious tasks of growing a company, yet this supportive early-stage business community offers more than preassembled cubicles. The community is the hub of PLSG thought leaders and executives as well as industry collaborators. And the incubator accommodates four to six fully operational wet labs, allowing companies to bring life-saving research from concept to commercialization more quickly.

Prime Pittsburgh location

The Incubator is conveniently located on the south side of Pittsburgh at the River Park Commons Business Center between Oakland’s university cluster and Downtown Pittsburgh’s legal and financial center. It is in the Greater Oakland Keystone Innovation Zone, which offers financial incentives to life sciences companies. The campus houses PLSG’s administrative headquarters and is just steps from the South Side’s vibrant entertainment options.

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