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Regional and global life sciences industry happenings.

An exciting story continues to be told by the life sciences industry in Pittsburgh and throughout the world. It’s one that holds the promise of significant economic development for the region and dramatically improved quality of life for people and the environment worldwide.

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse is in its second decade of helping the local life sciences community strengthen its position between discovery and market, and the latest information and developments can be found here, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook for up to the minute updates.


2017-09-21-Ahead of Our Time in Life Sciences – Jim Jordan editorial – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

2017-09-19-CEO Catches Stranger After Hours, Prompting Espionage Charges – The Wall Street Journal

2017-09-12-Cernostics Announces Leadership Team Expansion

2017-09-06-PLSG Invests $100,000 into Forest-Devices-News-Release

2017-09-01-Bosses are team members, too – John Manzetti – Smart Business Magazine

2017-07-26-Complexa Raises $62M – Pittsburgh Business Times

2017-07-26-Complexa Raises $62 Million in Series C Financing to Text CXA-10 in Two Orphan Disease Proof-of-Concept Trials

2017-07-11-News Release-Cugliari Named VP Finance

2017-07-01-Growth is good, right? – John Manzetti – Smart Business Magazine


2017-06-01-Helomics Corporation and PLSG Partner to Establish a Biotechnology Incubator Dedicated to Diagnostics and Precision Medicine

2017-05-30-Letting Life Sciences Bloom – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial by James Jordan

2017-05-03 Personal Experiences Lead to Life Sciences Breakthroughs – PLSG Assisted PECA Labs in Developing Technology to Help Congenital Defect Like the One Affecting Son of Jimmy Kimmel

2017-05_LEGISLATIVE UPDATE Prepared by Liz Powell G2G

2017-05-01-PLSG Does It Again – Raising Its Second Fund:  Accelerator Fund II Closed – Press Release

2017-04-11-ALung Technologies Closes $36 Million Financing – Press_Release

2017-04-08-Forest Devices from Carnegie Mellon University wins 2017 Rice Business Plan Competition

2017-03-30 PLSG Takes Investor Lead in ARIEL Precision Medicine’s Tailored Therapeutic Approaches for Complex Diseases

2017-03-21-PLSG Chooses BoardBookIt to Facilitate Best Corporate Governance Practices

2017-03-15-Personalities of Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse’s James Jordan

2017-03-13-PLSG, Committing to Increased University Commercialization, Brings on Marissa Kuzirian as Executive Associate

2017-03-09- PLSG Senior Executive Associate Diana Cugliari Receives BusinessWomen First Award

2017-03-06-BusinessWomen First Winner:  Diana Cugliari

2017-03-01-Punched in the Mouth:  Strong Leaders Stick to the Plan; Wise Leaders Have a Plan B – John Manzetti – Smart Business Magazine

2017-02-28-Trying to lose weight? Better Body Image app keeps you motivated by showing the ‘future you’

2017-02-21 Alan West Rejoins the PLSG Staff as Medical Device Business Models Move Toward an Integrated Approach

2017-02-21-Former Carmell CEO Returns to PLSG as Resident Entrepreneur

2017-01-25-Cell Guidance Systems Limited and Sharp Edge Labs Enter into Exosome Technology Agreement

2017-01-24-PLSG Press Release: Whether It’s Trumpcare of Obamacare, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse Companies are Poised for Success

2017-01-03-Hitting upon the Right Fit with Job Candidates – By John W. Manzetti – Smart Business Magazine

2016-12-29 ABC News:  Robotic Snake Treats Head and Neck Tumors

2016-12-21-Pittsburgh Based Company On Verge of Breakthrough Drug for Alzheimer’s Disease

2016-12-08-PBT Article:  New CEO at Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse

2016-12-08-PLSG_CEO Succession Press Release

2016-11-15 ALung Technologies Forms Trial Steering Committee

2016-11-11 PLSG Smart50 Press Release

2016-11-10 A Twist for Surgical Robotics

2016-11-02 Celebrating the area’s top executives

2016-11-01-Healthcare IT startups to watch in 2016: Running list of big news

2016-10-25 Bethlehem Venture Capital Company Receives $5M for Tech Jobs

2016-10-25-Innovative Pennsylanians Are Pushing Health Care Boundaries

2016-10-25 Governor Wolf Announces New Venture Capital Investments to Support New Companies, Job Growth

2016-10-24 Gateway Health and Wellbridge Health Announce Partnership to Provide Healthcare Innovation Solutions to Gateway Membership

2016-10-18_Cognition Therapeutics to Begin Clinical Trials

2016-10-11 New TissueCypher® Validation Study Identifies High Risk Barrett’s Esophagus Patients Who Are 46x More likely to Have Cancer at Time of Biopsy

2016-09-21 Health Care of the Future:  Don Taylor

2016-09-19 PLSG Forest Devices Investment Press Release

2016-09-16 Forest Devices Named LaunchKC Award Recipient at Techweek Kansas City Press Release

2016-09-09 Health Care Heroes John Manzetti – Pittsburgh Business Times

2016-08-25 The Robot Surgeon of Your Nightmares Can Wiggle Its Way Inside – Bloomberg Businessweek

2016-08-31-Pennsylvania Surgeon Leads the Way in Transoral Robotic Surgery

2016-08-31-UPMC Partners with Cernostics to Pursue ‘Precision Medicine’

2016-08-03 PLSG Reports Strong First Half in 2016

2016-07-14 Locally-Developed Robotic System Improves Minimally Invasive Surgeries

2016-06-27 PLSG Greenhouse Portfolio Client Medrobotics Earns Top Honors at Medical Design Excellence Awards

2016-06-09 A Spotlight On PA Life Sciences by Pennsylvania DCED

2016-05-26 PLSG’s Jim Jordan Serves as National Co-Chair of 12th Annual Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, June 5-6

2016-05-16 PLSG Announces the Promotion of Diana Cugliari to Senior Executive Associate

2016-05-11 Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse Portfolio Company Cognition Therapeutics Wins Angel Capital Association’s Luis Villabos Award

2016 What Actually Drives Innovation in the Life Sciences Industry

2016-04 PLSG Kicks Off Q2 with Portfolio Client Successes and Presence at 3 Rivers Venture Fair

2016-03-16 Potential Breakthrough ‘Alzheimer’s Pill’ Could Transform Treatment

2016-03-02 Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse Invests $50,000 Into Better Body Image

2016-01-27 Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse Invests More Than $226,000 In Carmell Therapeutics

2016-01-06 CMU, UPMC Develop First Flexible Robot To Assist Head & Neck Surgery+

2016 Outlook Large Pharma to Seek Help from Therapeutic Start-Ups to Alleviate R&D Investment