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Advances through the Triple Aim

The “Rule of Three” helps organize thoughts and communicate complex ideas simply.  Think “…of the people, by the people, for the people…” or “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  People like to think and act in sets of three. The Institutes for Healthcare Improvement used this principle to develop its “Triple Aim” approach to optimize […]

Life Sciences Equals Economic Development

Life Sciences drives economies, and for western PA it is one of our best contributors to economic development in the form of generating wealth and jobs. Just look at the math. The term “life sciences” can include biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical devices, and health care IT products – which make up approximately 40% of health […]

Alpha Lab Demo Day – It’s Personal

Today, Innovation Works’ Alpha Lab Demo Day brings our community together to celebrate innovation and to reward the hard work of those who present their companies. Each year, as I did this morning at 7 am, I text Rich Lunak, President of Innovation Works, “It’s my favorite day of the year.” I know he appreciates […]

It All Starts with An Idea

by Marissa Kuzirian, Investment Manager Any project begins with an idea, the kernel of a concept that you hope pops into something bigger, something better. The same holds true for those involved in the life sciences.  A new treatment or device or biochemical breakthrough begins with a simple idea.  It might be to ease patients’ […]

Just the Facts – Speaking the Language of Funders

In just about any TV police drama, detectives have a way of cutting through the clutter when interrogating a witness – they want just the facts.  In other words, don’t waste time on irrelevant information or pumped-up descriptions.  Eliminate distractions.  Just the facts. Startup entrepreneurs can take this same advice when approaching funding sources.  Hopeful […]

The Importance of a Hashtag

Hopefully by now your startup or business has created a Twitter to engage with possible investors or customers. Beyond sharing your company’s latest developments and industry news, are you actively pursuing a way to uniquely connect with your target audience? Proposing questions and replying to other users’ tweets will push you in the right direction […]

Inbound Marketing: How to Build the Right Platform for Your Audience

As a Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) startup, you’re likely wondering how you’re going to spread the word about your product/innovation to your target audience once you’ve hit the development phase. A viable way to reach your audience, and position yourself and your company as a thought leader in your field, is to create an inbound […]

Inbound Marketing: When to Cut the Cord and Start Selling

The research is done. You’ve curated the perfect team of experts, scientists, business professionals and investors. You’ve got your website, social media properties and your very own office or lab space. You’re almost there! It’s time to start selling, right? Well, almost. Many start-up companies, particularly in the Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) category, find it […]

Private vs Government (Public) Funded Medical Device and Therapeutic Development

A perfect, unflawed system in any business sector is virtually unachievable, and the biotechnology and therapeutics industries are no exception. Although we are innovating and making strides to end what were once thought of as incurable diseases, we still do not have one single agreed upon way of funding the research and development of drugs […]

How to Venture Into the Business World from Academia

Networking, networking, networking! Chances are, if you’re a college student, you’ve heard this before. The best way to set yourself up for success after graduation is through networking with professionals within your desired field. Of course, this is a very important step to transition from academia to the business world, but there are several other […]